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Student Case Study Winner 2016

Winning ASQ's Student Case Study Competition was a great achievement, that personally encouraged me to continue pursuing my career in quality. Such events and competitions are of great value to students in this region. Industrial engineering as a whole is a new field in this region, students need this international access and involvement in similar events to foster the growth of quality. The concept, sharing various experiences of quality application to different fields, and the involvement of students, practitioners, and field experts is a great method of ensuring Quality's development and knowledge sharing in MEA. Overall, this was a unique and definitely a life changing experience that aided my transition as a graduate to define my current career path


Student Case Study Winner 2016

My biggest win from the regional ASQ student competition is the acknowledgment I gained from the top of quality regional class leaders from different companies, businesses and organizations. The opportunity I had has given me strength to present my work with confidence and encouragement to continue my path of quality learning with the ASQ organization.